Birth of Ra 2021
Surrender 2018
Greta 2022
Bathory and the Bath 2021
Saturn and Ops Conceive Jupiter 2021
The Consumed 2022
Intro to a horror film/ the stars beneath their feet 2018
The night destroys the day 2022
Harpies 2022
Mer 2020

Come to Me 2022
If you love someone you can go on without them 2022
Modern Aphrodite 2019
Apocalyptica 2024
Venus in furs 2023
On the nature of daylight 2023
Surrender original 2015

Hello, my name is Chris Dowling you can find my drawings around the internet, mostly here. I’m a self taught artist who has lived in Philadelphia all my life. I prefer pen and ink though you will find mixedmedia pieces throughout my page. I’ve been drawing since I was about 3 years old. Feel free to check my blog for upcoming events and some of my latest works. My linktree has links to my shops.